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Qwerty Queer Odessa

Kiev and Munich are sister cities – what could be more natural than establishing an LGBTI* choir in Ukraine?In summer 2014 Various Voices München and the Gay Alliance Ukraine met for the first time. The community in Odessa was very enthusiastic and in January 2015 Qwerty Queer was founded under the direction of Olga Rubtsova and with the support of Queer Home Odessa.

Currently 14 singers rehearse and perform Unkrainian folk and pop songs.Besides the singing, political engagement is also important for Qwerty Queer. Together with Queer Home Odessa they participate in gay pride events, flashmobs and workshops. In their songs they address the oppressive politics against the LGBTI* community in Ukraine and also take a stand in public.

In cooperation with Munich Kiev Queer and CSD München Various Voices invites Qwerty Queer once a year to Germany and München. This gives Qwerty Queer the opportunity to establish partnerships with other choirs, and to perform in public, which is still very difficult in Ukraine. Their first visit was in June 2015 when Queertakte, the southern German LGBTI* choir festival, and the Legato meeting took place in Mainz. A delegation from Various Voices visited Qwerty Queer in May 2016 to strengthen our contacts, get to know Queer Home Odessa, and sing together. B.